DogSpotters has been discontinued

Due to problems with iOS 7 compatibility, we have decided to pull DogSpotters from the App Store. We will gladly refund your money if you send us purchase information and where to send your refund. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Increase Your Dog IQ!

Video Demo!

Telemark Productions’ DogSpotters app for iPhone and iPad creates an exciting new activity for dog lovers similar to the sport of bird watching. You can identify dogs, “collect” breeds, connect with dog owners, and share sightings on Facebook®. Use the built-in DogID tool and DogID Game to hone your dog identification skills!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell an Azawakh from a Xoloitzquintli, or even an Afghan Hound from a Yorkshire Terrier – DogSpotters will have you spotting breeds like a pro in no time!

DogSpotters Video Demo (3:28)