The sport of DogSpotting has been popularized worldwide through a FaceBook group where players can post pictures of dogs they’ve seen.

But students at various universities, including University of North Carolina (UNC), are creating local FaceBook groups for on-campus dogspotters. There are two advantages of local groups:

  1. Members can get to know one another offline, and
  2. When an interesting dog photo is posted, members can go directly to the location on-campus in hopes of spotting the dog and adding it to their own lists.

miniature schnauzer puppy and mirror

miniature schnauzer puppy and mirror

For most dog owners, the answer to this question is a resounding YES! Clearly, your dog thinks of himself as a distinct “being.”

But the question of self-awareness is much harder to test. After all, you can’t ask the dog.

For years, the standard test of self-awareness has been the mirror test. The animal is shown a mirror. Typically, the researcher will first put a spot of paint on the animal’s face. If the animal looks in the mirror and then attempts to remove the paint, it is clear that he recognizes “himself.”

Elephants, chimpanzees, dolphins, and even magpies have passed the mirror tests… but dogs do not. It’s possible that a mirror isn’t a valid test for dog, since dogs rely much more on scent than on sight. Or perhaps dogs just don’t care if there’s a spot of paint on their face!

Recently, researchers have begun to question both the methodology and the conclusions of the mirror test, and to find different ways to understand and discuss the question of self-awareness. But whatever the researchers find, dog lovers are likely to draw their own conclusions!

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Due to problems with iOS 7 compatibility, we have decided to pull DogSpotters from the App Store. We will gladly refund your money if you send us purchase information and where to send your refund. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Our original DogSpotters application helps you to identify dog breeds, and lets you track your sightings (complete with photos and audio notes).

We heard from many users that the built-in dog identification game was fun for everyone… not just serious dog fans! So in response to your requests, we’ve made our dog ID game available as a separate app, available from the iPhone app store for just $0.99. The game can even be upgraded to the full version later, using an in-app purchase option.

The DogSpotters app was reviewed on the January 31 episode of NewsWatch, airing on the ION network.  You can watch the segment on YouTube (and if you like the video, please share it with your friends).


Our very own Caroline Coile chatted extensively with host Julie Forbes about DogSpotters and other things doggie on The Dog Show with Julie Forbes, a Seattle pet radio show.

The program aired on January 18, 2013 and is available now as a free iTunes Podcast (The Dog Show with Julie Forbes, Show #203.)  If you want to check it out, Caroline’s segment starts about 17 minutes into the show and runs for about 45 minutes!